About Us

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A Utility Service Provider; registered in Nigeria to under take Water Utility, Energy Installations and Facility Management.

We specialize on all types of Water Works; Freshwater and Wastewater Engineering, Energy Works; Solar and Biogas Engineering, Facility Management and General Consultancy.

We apply cutting-edge scientific and engineering methods to providing sustainable solutions.

Our Services include but not limited to:

-Geophysical Survey for Groundwater Development.

– Borehole Drilling, Installation of pumps, construction of reservoir tanks and reticulations.

– Solar installations

– Water Analysis, Water Treatment Plant Installations.

-Setup of Table Water Factory.

-Wastewater and Sewage Management.

-Domestic and Industrial Plumbing; design and construction.

-Procurement of all Water and Sanitation facilities.

– Facility Management

– General Water and Sanitation Consultancy.

We Offer Top-Notch Products and Services to your Facility; giving the needed Comfort.

Company Mission

To provide Homes, Business Premises, Offices, Event/Luxury Centers, Cities and Communities with the needed Comfort, making them habitable for everyone by providing the necessary utilities.

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to providing our customer’s desired Comfort.