FlowFrost Nigeria Limited is a Water, Energy, Heat, Ventilators, Air Conditioning (HVAC) Engineering and Facility Management Company.

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FlowFrost Nigeria Limited is a Water, Energy, HVAC Engineering and Facility Management Company..

We specialize on all types of Water Works; Freshwater and Wastewater Engineering, Energy Works; Solar and Biogas Engineering, Heat, Ventilators and Air Conditioning Engineering……………………………….

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Water Works

Freshwater and Wastewater Engineering; Most homes and offices source their Freshwater from Boreholes and use septic tanks to reclaim Wastewater, we undertake all engineering jobs to this regard.

Energy works

We apply our expertise to convert waste to Energy and use nature to generate Energy for sustainability. Biogas and Solar Energy design, constructions and installation.


Heat, Ventilators and Air Conditioning Engineering to give homes and offices the needed comfort.


Procurement and Sales of Water, Energy and HVAC Engineering facilities; Visit Our Shop.

General Consultancy

We provide on the go solution and guide on Water, Energy and HVAC Engineering projects.

Liaise with our pool of consultants

When needed we can schedule a physical meeting with our professionals to solve any sanitation and water issue.


We have happy and satisfied Clients/Customer

I saw your installation, it was neat; I recommend you!
Mr Patrick
Since you surveyed, drilled and installed my borehole with the state of art materials, for over 2 years now we have not have issues.
Mr Clement Udo
Why I love consulting you is that you have the wealth of Knowledge on all water matters.
Prince Abayomi

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